HD Solo Sails 2012 National Champions.

Jim Hunt & Andy Davis both have a long standing history with the Solo class. Their results certainly speak for themselves, both have won all the major titles and numerous open meetings using their own designs. With HD Sails have they come together to design the fastest sails and put all their knowledge and experience into one. Jim has also been behind a lot of the development for all the top boat builders in the class and also developed the Cumulus and D+ masts with Selden. Between them they have developed sails to fit all the mast types, please give them a call to discuss your requirements.


Our mainsail panels are either radial or cross cut  made with a choice of Technora ODL04 or RS 3 Dacron. The batten choices are HD 15Ct Contract batten or HD custom carbon (£175 extra) . Each sail includes black numbers, window a high load Allen cunningham block, sail bag, foot rope and tell tales.


  • Cross cut RS 3 Dacron – £610.00 inc VAT
  • Radial Dacron – £688.00 inc VAT
  • Radial Technora – £798.00 inc VAT

Contact Andy or Jim to discuss your requirements