Merlin Rocket

Our  Silver Tiller, Salcombe week, Inland Championships and National Championship Winning Designs started life back in 2004 when Andy Davis began his Merlin campaign. Andy’s designs have gone on to win all the major championships and various open meetings many times.

2017 Merlin full set offer

  • £1474.00 inc VAT set with standard mainsail
  • 1575.00 inc VAT set with large window mainsail


Our mainsails are radial and cross cut made with Technora ZZ04. The battens are manufactured to HD’s custom epoxy requirements. Each sail includes black numbers, a high load Allen cunningham block, loose foot, sail bag and tell tales. Please specify mast when ordering.


  • £914.00 inc VAT Standard cross cut mainsail with radial head
  • £1014.00 inc VAT Large window, radial head and clew mainsail


The jib is cross cut made from RSQ cloth. Included with each jib is a luff wire, tell tales and sail bag. Options include: £30 extra for swivel luff wire.


  • £305.00 inc VAT Standard
  • £340 inc VAT Fat Head


Radial and cross cut made from 0.75oz dynakote and includes a chute patch. Each seam is glued and sewn and has a sail bag included.


  • £492.00 inc VAT

Contact Andy or Jim to discuss your requirements