Jim Hunt has sailed 505’s on and off for the last 14 years. HD have spent the winter 2011/2012 tuning and refining their designs. Jim is currently sailing with Norman Bryd and campaigning for the worlds 2012 at La Rochelle.


Our mainsails have a radial head/clew and cross cut middle section made with Technora ZZ04. The battens are manufactured to HD’s custom epoxy requirements. Each sail includes black numbers, a high load Allen cunningham block, loose foot, sail bag and tell tales. Please specify mast when ordering.


  • £1299.00 inc VAT


The jib is cross cut made from RS5 Dacron or ZZ04. Included with each jib is a luff wire (stuff or zip luff (£45 extra)), tell tales, window and sail bag. Options include: 6mm luff wire cover (£15 extra) and an extra window if requested.


  • RS5 Dacron – £440.00 inc VAT
  • ZZ04 – £510.00 inc VAT
  • Add Zip Luff £45.00


Radial and cross cut made from 0.75oz dynakote and includes a chute patch. Each seam is glued and sewn and has a sail bag included.


  • £898.00 inc VAT

Contact Andy or Jim to discuss your requirements

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