Jim has had great success sailing the Fireball, finishing second at a World Championships. Andy has had great success in designing and making Fireball sails. Together they have refined their design. Back in 2001 Andy started making Stevie Morrison’s World Championship winning Fireball sails, since then Andy was the first sailmaker to start using the black Technora laminate. His designs have also gone on to win another World Championships, Europeans and various National titles.

The mainsail is made from ODL06 and has been built with a radial Head and Clew for longevity and stability. The Jib is made from RS4 and is a high aspect ratio cloth which works really well for the Fireball, it gives great stability and with a very fine rip stop makes it last longer. The Spinnaker is made from SuperKote 75 and built using cross cut panels on the shoulders and radial clews for stability.

Panel Layout Cross cut and Radial Panel Layout Cross cut
Cloth type RS 4 Contender dacron 4.52 or ZZ04 Black Technora Laminate Cloth type RSQ 4.55
Battens HD Custom Epoxy Wire standard 1×19 3mm,

£30 extra for swivel luff wire

Numbers Black Luff Stuff
Cunningham block Hi-load HA2020 Tell tales Included
Sail bag Included Windows Included
Foot Foot Rope Leech Hot cut with flutter patches
Tell tales Included Sail bag Included
Other Specify mast when ordering Price £340.00 inc VAT
Price £1150.00 inc VAT (Laminate)

£889.00 inc VAT (Dacron)

Panel layout Cross cut and Radial
Cloth 0.75oz Dynakote
Other Please specify bag/chute Boat
Seams Glued and sewn
Sail bag Included
Sail Numbers Included
Price £515.00 inc VAT


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