With a large number of Osprey’s close by at Blithfield Sailing Club, HD Sails have worked alongside ex National Champion Gareth Caldwell & Jon Gibbons and current Inland Champions Chris Gould & Nick Broomhall to develop their Championship winning sails.

The HD Osprey Mainsail has been designed using a block radial clew to spread the load and give stability to the bottom batten. The head is also radial, again to spread the loads that come from the head. The middle of the sail is cross cut so we can build a powerful mainsail for reaching and running but yet able to flatten off for up wind. The sail is made using Contender’s ZZ04, a Technora laminate which gives excellent strength and longevity.

The mainsail comes complete with Sail Bag, Windows, Tell Tales, Eyelets, Insignias, Numbers and HD custom Epoxy Battens.

Cost £1035.00 inc VAT

The Genoa is a cross cut design and made using Contender’s 4.46, a balanced cloth which works very well for Genoa’s. The cross cut design gives a smooth shape from luff to leech and keeps drag to a minimum.

The Genoa comes complete with Sail Bag, Tell Tales, Window and Eyelets.

Cost £398.00 inc VAT

Zip Luff £45.00

The Spinnaker is designed with a cross cut top and radial bottom. The radial base give the spinnaker stability and spreads the clew loads evenly in to the spinnaker. The cross cut top half is designed to make trimming as easy as possible and also allows the spinnaker to project to larger area when sailing on a run. The spinnaker is designed to work across the range, a good tight reaching spinnaker to a proving power dead downwind. The Spinnaker is made using Contender’s Dynakote, a silicone based fabric to allow the spinnaker to run smoothly in and out of the chute.

We now have a larger spinnaker called the Eclipse which is great for the sea circuit. It has already proved itself by winning the Nationals and various opens meetings.

The Spinnaker comes complete with Sail Bag and various colour options available.

£668.00 inc VAT Standard Size

£778.00 inc VAT Eclipse

HD Sails Osprey

HD Sails Osprey 3HD Sails Osprey

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